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Dixcel Brake pads RA Type Front Nissan GTR R35

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    Dixcel Brake Pads RA Type Front Nissan GTR R35

    Professional racing pads from Japan!

    Available on backorder

    Dixcel Brake pads RA Type Front Nissan GTR R35
    ABS compatible racing pad!
    • Minimize ABS intervention and allow sprint driving
    • A flat μ characteristic that demonstrates high initial efficacy and allows control according to pedaling force
    • Versatile for all types of drivers
    • For vehicles equipped with high-grip radial, S tires, and slick tires
    Material carbon semi-metal
    Appropriate temperature 200-900℃
    initial 0.51
    mean μ 0.40 to 0.45
    stage race, rally, circuit driving

    *This type is intended for circuit hard use. A wear sensor is not included as the sensor function will not work due to high heat damage.

    ATTENTION When used on the street, there is a risk of abnormal pad/rotor wear, squeal, dust, rust caused by dust, etc.
    Also, even if you are driving on a circuit, if you use it outside the appropriate temperature, it will not only not show its original performance, but it may also cause the above-mentioned adverse effects, so please be careful.

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