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Dixcel HS Type Brake Rotors Front VW/Audi/Seat 5Q0 615 301 H (288mm)

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    Increase by 20% of brake performance through slotted design and hardcore heat-treatment for extra heat resistance with the Dixcel FS Type slotted Rotors!
    2 discs included.
    – Delivered with Swiss homologation Certificate!
    – Homologation Suisse incluse!
    – Inkl. CH Homologation!

    Available on backorder

    Dixcel HS Type Brake Rotors Front VW/Audi/Seat 5Q0 615 301 H (288mm)


    European & American Cars

    The fusion of high stability and superior brake performance.

    • Superior heat stability is achieved by applying DIXCEL heat treatment process.
    • Heat treatment helps prevent disc distortion and strain most common after installation of new discs.
    • HD(Non-Slotted)/ HS(Slotted)

    Applicable Stages

    Street-use ~ High performance-use ~ Race-use

    ※Sold in Paris (L/R set)

    ※Anti-corrosion protection of the discs will not completely prevent corrosion from occurring. Since the discs are made of cast iron, it is impossible to completely prevent corrosion. Please be aware DIXCEL will not offer any exchanges/refunds for corrosion of discs.

    ※Sample photo, actual product may vary. Not all products have ventilation fins.

    Characteristic Chart


    The radar chart represents a comparison of each characteristic between DIXCEL products and general OEM products.

    The values above should be only used as a reference to better understand the performance differences.

    Higher values signifies the performance increases when compared to the standard disc.

    The DIXCEL HD/HS series is for race circuit drivers and race enthusiasts, who need higher heat stability compared to the standard disc.

    Cutting for balancing

    All DIXCEL brake discs are checked for balance to prevent vibration. Correction of the balance is done by milling/cutting out the side of brake discs. This is a method taken by car manufacturers’ brake discs.


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