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D-MAX D1 Spec Tie Rod End


This tie rod end is playing an important role connecting the knuckle and the steering rack. Ball joints are protecting smooth movement and ball joints thanks to grease originally contained in the boots. Since this tie rod end ball joint type uses reinforced type boots, it can be refreshed with reinforced boots, leaving a neutral feel like normal.

 Reinforcement Bush Ball Joint Specification

Material: S45C
Screw diameter: M12 x 1.25 (S13 series) / M14 x1.5 (S14 series)
Dimensions (rod diameter): 21 φ
Accessories: 2 nuts X, 2 split pins X
Compatible models: S13 series ... 180SX / S13 / S15 (no high-cas car) / A31 / C33
: S14 series ... S14 / S15 (with high cast) / R32 / R33 / R34 / C34 / C35


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