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An OEM gear shifter for quicker and more ergonomic change of gears.

Designed to be fitted to all standard gearboxes.


      • Each shifter comes with direct-fit kit to install in Nissan 350Z / Infinity G35 G37
      • 40% shorter throw between gears
      • Shortened gear change pattern allows to switch between gears much much faster!
      • Shifter is mounted directly to chassis as opposed to OEM shifter which is mounted to gearbox, this gives much stiffer and better shifting experience
      • Longer handle allows for shifter to sit closer to wheel, therefore giving better performance in race application
      • Can be used with OEM gearbox/engine mounts
      • Original H patter remains, but it is much shorter and precise.
      • Reverse / 5/6 gears can be locked using included screws
      • Interior plastics can be installed with little to no modifications
      • High quality materials guarantee problem free shifting
      • World wide warranty for every purchase

The hand-assembled Coolerworx short throw shifter can replace the OEM gear shifter in order to achieve quicker and more ergonomic change of gears. A precisely operating shifter is designed so that it can be fitted to all standard gearboxes. Our shifters are made from aircraft-quality aluminum and Teflon bearings. Its metal parts are anodized to protect from corrosion and depreciation. Our shifter follows the standard H pattern and has lockable gears preventing reverse from accidental engagement. In order to match a new gear shifter to the car compartment you can choose the desired colour of the gear shifter and its handle.

The distance to be covered with hand when changing gears reduces even by 40%, but this improvement is reflected only in hand movement – mechanical gear change is the same as with the manufacturer’s gear. Another advantage is that this shifter is long enough and its handle can be reached by hand from the wheel very quickly. This unique shifter model enables drivers to change gears quicker and more precisely and optimizes car movement on the road. ‘Coolerworx’ gear shifter will be appreciated both by city drivers and lovers of racing routes.

Don’t lose time while changing gears – devote it to enjoying the pleasure of driving! The shifter knob uses M12x1.5 thread, so you can easily customize it with an aftermarket knob. Shifter fits using original linkage and bolts to OEM place

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Knob Style:

Regular style, Bulb style

Knob Color:

Black, Red, Blue, Green, Graphite, Silver, Gold


Toyota GR Yaris


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