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Bride ZETAGHOST Camo Seat


A Unique Spin on The ZETA Series

Available in Green or Blue Camouflage


ZETAGHOST is an aggressively designed seat that is both functional and fashionable, and is based on the standard BRIDE full bucket seat model ZETA IV, with a bold camouflage-patterned skin material that covers the back of the seat.

While maintaining the basic performance of the lightweight and highly rigid ZETA IV, such as high holdability, comfort, durability, and safety, by combining it with a camouflage pattern that is both playful and aggressive, it is suitable for various outdoor activities from sports driving to on the circuit. This model can be used in a wide range of situations, including special activities.

The shell material is a silver FRP shell, and there are two color variations: green camouflage and blue camouflage.

NOTE: ZETA GHOST does not have a FIA certification label.

*Camouflage fabric has a tendency to fade due to sunlight exposure, dirt and sweat.

Full cover design with attention to detail

ZETAGHOST has a clean design. Completely covered with a cover, including the outside of the seat and the seat rail on the sides.

In addition, there is a slit that can be opened and closed with Velcro, making it compatible with seat rails with long rails (LF type, etc.).

No Seat Back Protector Required

When installing a full bucket seat on the front seat of a vehicle that has a rear seat, the standard full bucket seat requires a seat back protector to comply with safety standards, but ZETAGHOST has a cover that covers the back of the seat. A seat rear protector is not required.

  • The ZETA IV does not have a back protection included, which is required in cars with backseats.

  • ZETAGHOST models are fully covered, and safety compliant.


  • FRP silver shell ●Flame retardant material ●Made in Japan
  • Weight: Approx. 8.0 kg (reference)
  • Equipped with a seat sensor (seat surface)

*Some car models may not be compatible.
*This model does not have an FIA certification label.
*Specific seat rails, etc. are required for installation.
Compatible BRIDE seat rails: FO, FB, FK, FG, IG, FT, LG, LF, FX


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
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