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Apexi Power FC Components, Boost Control Kit Nissan (5-Pin)

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    Boost control kit for Apexi Power FC (Nissan applications with 5 pins)

    Available on backorder


    The Boost Control Kit is an optional kit designed to control boost through the Power FC. Simple connection to the Power FC allows the user to access a full self-learning boost controller. The Power FC allows up to 4 different boost presets for any stage of driving. The high grade solenoid valve is the same one used in our Super AVC-R boost controller. As with the S-AVCR, the Boost control kit allows increased boost response and boost stability at high RPM's.

    The Power-FC is Apex's solution to all of your tuning needs and stands as the flagship tuning device in the APEXi lineup of electronics. Depending on your needs you can order anything from replacement sensors and harnesses, or components such as the FC Commander, FC Commander Software, and Boost Control Kit to further complement your Power FC needs.


    Part Number 415-A013
    Electronics Model Compatibility Power FC
    Year 1991
    Make Nissan
    Power FC Compatibility 414-F003, 414-F005, 414-M001, 414-M002, 414-M004, 414-M005, 414-M007, 414-M008, 414-M905, 414-M908, 414-N014, 414-N015, 414-N016, 414-N017, 414-N018, 414-N020, 414-N021, 414-N023, 414-N024, 414-N033, 4E14BN33


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