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Spoon Replacement Air Filter For Honda Civic Type-R FK8

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    High-Performance Spoon Sports Japan Drop-in Air Filter For the Stock Airfilter Box on your Honda Civic Type-R FK8

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    Spoon Replacement Air Filter For Honda Civic Type-R FK8

    his filter is a genuine replaceable high-efficiency filter made by Sprint Filters for Spoon Sports. Turbo cars are generally open-type air cleaners, but we replace them with genuine air cleaners in order to obtain the best drivability that does not appear in the power graph due to the high filling efficiency and excellent heat insulation of the genuine air cleaner box. We have been focusing on the type and developing it.

    Similar to the CIVIC FK7 and S660 released earlier, by using polyester fiber as the filter material, it is possible to secure the intake amount and reliably remove dust, which was not possible with the conventional cotton filter, at a high level. I will.

    In the dyno comparison test (upper graph) in which only the filter itself is replaced in Spoon's demo car, the torque and power have been steadily improved, especially in the medium to high-speed range. In addition, a significant improvement in the airflow value was seen in the current ECU setting with the SPOON air cleaner installed, demonstrating reliable torque power and pickup improvement in the entire area.

    Spoon made this new Air Cleaner 100% compatible with the genuine cleaner box that already provides higher than graph can show drivability with its high charging efficiency and heat insulation. The cleaner part is made of polyester fiber. It provides exceptional filtering efficiency and inhalation volume intake that were previously impossible to reach altogether by using just cotton filters. Great results achieved when tested with original settings, showing improved output at mid-rotation frequency level.

    The maintenance is extremely easy, all you need is an air blow gun to remove the dust. *Use mild laundry detergent and air dry, if dirt cannot be removed with air

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      Best Road Legal Air Filter for the Honda Civic in Switzerland!

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