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Cusco Adjustable Panhard (Lateral) Bar Rear Toyota Corolla AE86


    Increase drastically the handling of your AE86 with Cusco’s adjustable Lateral Rod

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    Adjustable Lateral Rod - AE86

    This is a must have for vehicles that use a lateral rod (Panhard Bar) and are lowered. This is because as the vehicle is lowered, both rear wheels shift to one side of the vehicle making for an uneven track (disalignment ot the front and rear Track). Handling can be severely hindered if this is not fixed. To fix this, Cusco has created an Adjustable Lateral Rod that can be adjusted in the center and conform to however low your vehicle is.

    - Turn buckle type adjustment.
    - Rubber bush type.

    Adjustable Range: +15mm ~ -10mm.

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    Weight 5 kg


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