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3D Camber and Castor Top mounts for BC-Racing coilovers (Pair)


Bc Racing 3D top mounts! Get the most adjustability of Camber and Castor for your Suspension!


These 3-dimensional front topmounts are an excellent upgrade for your BC Racing coilovers, especially if you use your car on the track or for drifting.

Normal topmounts have an option to adjust camber settings, these new 3D mounts can adjust both camber and caster for the best possible setup of your suspension.

Price is for a set of 2 topmounts including new bearings, exactly as pictured. You can do a diorect exchange with your existing topmounts if you have a BC Racing coilover kit. If you have another brand, it might fit as well but we cannot guarantee this.

PS: If you want to order a full BC set and you want these 3D topmounts instead of the normal camber topmounts we can offer them for an extra of only 200CHF. Make sure to mention it in your order when placing the order for your coilovers.


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