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HJS Sport Downpipe Catalyser for Toyota GR Yaris: CH and ECE-Legal

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    GR Yaris owners rejoice! Install a Sport Catalyser/Downpipe for your Toyota GR Yaris that will increase your performance, the sound and is 100% CH and EU Road legal!

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    HJS sports catalytic converter Toyota GR Yaris with OPF
    This sports catalytic converter has a lower dynamic pressure and thus brings an increase in 
    performance and a significantly better response behavior of the turbocharger. (+10HP / +10Nm)
    Fits engine number: G16E GTS (Toyota GR Yaris)
    - low exhaust back pressure
    - rapid evacuation of exhaust gases
    - lower exhaust gas temperature; protects the engine, charger and manifold
    - exhaust flow is optimized
    - Better response of the turbocharger
    - Performance increase of up to 10 kW (14 hp)
    - Sound plus up to 2 dB
    - Plug & play
    - EOBD tested
    - Stainless steel catalytic converter
    - CH approval and ECE Homologation Included
    Sports catalytic converter is supplied with a Swiss Homologation Document.

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    Weight 15 kg


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